Stories with Heart and Soul

Reverend Mother

There was a movie that came out several years ago called The Straight Story.  It’s based on the true story of a man named Alvin Straight who traveled from his home in Iowa to Wisconsin to see his brother.  On the surface, that’s not much of a story. But, there were a couple of things that made this story worth telling and worth hearing.

You see, Alvin and his brother hadn’t spoken to each other in several years.  They’d fought about something and as a result they refused to be in contact.  But, when Alvin received word that his brother, his only sibling,  had fallen ill and been in the hospital, Alvin decided he should go to see his brother.

Seems simple enough:  except it wasn’t. (No one makes movies about simple things.  They don’t sell tickets.) Alvin hadn’t lived an easy life.  His time in the service, the…

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